21c Parenting

10 Rules for Parenting

1.  Always be ready to learn something new about your child, yourself, and as your role as a parent.  Change is inevitable.

2.  Be clear and honest about what you want for your child, yourself, and your family.

3. Take good care (physical, mental, emotional) of your child and yourself.

4.  Let others know what you feel, need, and want; and then, be ready to pursue itand ask for help when needed.

5.  Believe that your family is the most important group you will ever encounter, and strive to put their needs above your wants.

6.  Always be ready to communicate, to compromise, and to forgive yourself and others.

7.  Admit your mistakes and work to correct them.

8.  Listen. Listen attentively until it becomes necessary for you to speak.

9.  Value the time you have with your children.  It’s fleeting.

10. Pray as you make decisions about rules 1-9.


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