100 Ways to Encourage Your Child

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If we want to truly impact the next generation in a positive way, we must learn to speak words of praise and encouragement into their lives. Proverbs tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. There’s tremendous power in the words that we speak, particularly those that we speak over our children. Speak life to your children. Here are a few phrases to get you started.


  1. You’re a superstar.
  2. You light up my life.
  3. I’m so glad you are here.
  4. I knew you could do it.
  5. There’s greatness inside of you.
  6. I am pleased with you.
  7. You’re brilliant.
  8. How creative!
  9. You’re a genius!
  10. That’s brainy.
  11. You’re a great thinker.
  12. I like the way you did/said/wrote/played that.
  13. There’s no one like you.
  14. Go for it.
  15. Try it!
  16. You can do it.
  17. You’re wonderful.
  18. You have a purpose for being here.
  19. How beautiful!
  20. That was clever.
  21. There’s a plan for your life.
  22. You used wisdom.
  23. Thanks for being yourself.
  24. You light up the room with your smile.
  25. What a witty boy/girl!
  26. You showed lots of energy.
  27. That was resourceful.
  28. You deserve a medal.
  29. You’re quick.
  30. God is going to use you mightily.
  31. I speak blessings into your life.
  32. That’s a fresh idea.
  33. You have a keen sense of direction.
  34. You’re on the ball.
  35. Awesome!
  36. I’m glad you’re mine.
  37. Bravo!
  38. Marvelous!
  39. I am grateful for you.
  40. Your laughter makes my day.
  41. I thank God for you every day.
  42. You are so talented.
  43. You are blessed with many gifts.
  44. You dazzle me with your brilliance.
  45. How astute!
  46. That’s ingenious!
  47. You made a shrewd decision.
  48. Outstanding!
  49. You give me hope.
  50. I enjoy coming home to you.
  51. I will always love you.
  52. That’s forward thinking.
  53. You are precious to me.
  54. You have a promising future.
  55. You matter to me.
  56. You’re so bright.
  57. How productive!
  58. That’s very mature of you.
  59. Now, you’re ready.
  60. You’re a quick learner.
  61. Your smile is contagious.
  62. Loving you is easy.
  63. You’re stupendous!
  64. I enjoy spending time with you.
  65. You’re phenomenal!
  66. You did your best, and I am pleased.
  67. Keep showing how intelligent you are.
  68. You’re so helpful.
  69. You’re focused.
  70. You made it.
  71. That was cool.
  72. You bring me joy.
  73. I cherish you.
  74. Thank you for your hard work.
  75. You’re powerful beyond measure.
  76. You did it!
  77. You showed tremendous courage.
  78. You’re strong.
  79. Take a bow; you did well.
  80. You’re so smart that your head should be in Washington, D.C.
  81. You showed discipline.
  82. You’re going places.
  83. You are special.
  84. I adore you.
  85. Smartness looks good on you.
  86. Your work shows great insight.
  87. You are the best.
  88. You are made in the image of God.
  89. Continue to do excellent work.
  90. Way to grow!
  91. How magnificent!
  92. Wonderfully done!
  93. Your positive attitude will take you far.
  94. What a scintillating thought!
  95. Your bravery made a difference.
  96. Thank you for being honest.
  97. I wouldn’t trade you for anything.
  98. You can do anything.
  99. You’re a blast!

100. You are valuable to me.


  1. Great/awesome/enlightening and encouraging Words!

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