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He’s Been Faithful

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He’s Been Faithful

Today I looked in my God Box for the first time in several years. I guess you’re wondering what a God Box is. It’s a box that I was given years ago as a place to store cards with prayer requests for what I want to see God do in my life. For a few years, I kept the box by my bedside and would write my prayer concerns on a card and date it. Over the past four years, that box has been on my dresser and left untouched. I opened it today as I pondered the notion of God’s faithfulness.

As I reviewed the cards, I realized that there were many answered prayers that I had not acknowledged as having been answered. I looked at the cards and thought about the prayer concerns I had when I wrote them on the cards; and I thought about the prayer requests that had gone unanswered as well as those that had been answered. All-in-all, there were more answered prayers than there were unanswered prayers. My conclusion: He’s been faithful.

Most of my prayer concerns centered around meeting the needs of my children; particularly, their success in school, their safety, and their general physical well-being. Answered! The best places for my children – answered! Transportation concerns – answered! Good health – answered! Strength for the journey – answered! Traveling mercies – answered! Forgiveness – answered! All answered prayers.

There were also prayers that have remained unanswered or that were not answered in the manner in which I had prayed. My mother’s health tops that list. While praying for her healing, divine healing in a perfect body was not what I had in mind, but it was on God’s mind. Other prayer concerns include requests that I am still in preparation to receive. Some of the things that remain unchecked on those cards are concerns that while my mouth indicated that I wanted them, my actions and the meditations of my heart have indicated otherwise. Still, not answering those prayers at an inappropriate time is an act of faithfulness.

All in all, He’s been faithful. He’s been what I needed when I needed it, even when what was happening did not feel good or was not to my liking. And even though there are still things that I do not understand, I know that I can still trust God’s heart to know and do what is best for me. And friends, that’s easier said than done, because I still want what I want when I want it. It still remains a challenge for me to wait on God.

Today, recount God’s faithfulness in your life.