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3 Gifts Every Child Should Have at Christmas

In Uncategorized on December 24, 2009 at 12:38 pm

My Aunt Doris first read the Christmas story to us from Matthew 2 in the New Testament. From the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas day, she would sit us down each morning and read that story to me and Buster. After I learned to read, sometimes she would let me read it, and soon after that, I had most of the story memorized. It was through those readings that I learned the true meaning of Christmas. That gift of reading the story of Christ’s coming has made all of the difference in my life and provided the foundation for two additional gifts in our home.

There are three things every child should have at this Christmas season and throughout the year. The gift of sharing the Christmas story in the Bible is the lead-in to the first and most important gift. It was through that story sharing that I began to know and understand how much God loves me, and that He loved me enough to send His only Son to be born on earth, minister to us, and then die for us on a cross. That was the ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of love. It was also an invitation for me to enter into a relationship with God the Father through Jesus. The love of God is the first gift every child should have this Christmas. Every child should know and understand God’s love for her/him and the importance of showing our love for God.

The second gift that every child should know is the gift of giving. Most of us spend time thinking about what we will get for Christmas when we should actually be thinking about what we can and should be giving to others. Children should be taught early how to give to others through love and service. Through acts of giving, children learn to think about the needs of others and about how they can contribute to meeting those needs. Their contributions can include serving food at churches or shelters, giving material possessions, assisting in someone’s home, or providing other acts of kindness. In the end, children will learn the importance of giving to others and learning to love others as they love themselves.

Finally, every child should experience love, joy, peace, and safety in their homes. When a child is truly loved by parents and/or caregivers, she/he feels peace and joy, and is safe in the living environment. Demonstrations of love offer children a sense of security, of hope, and of serenity. Every home has difficulties, but a home environment that is based on love rooted in God’s word will provide the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the child that helps to overcome any difficulty. The child will know that she/he is cherished and will learn to love her/himself.

At this Christmas season, let’s all help the children in our lives come to know the love of God through a right relationship with Him. Share the Christmas story, the story of Christ’s coming to earth. Help our children learn to love others as themselves through giving to others in love and service. Lastly, show love to children that manifests itself in meeting the many and varied needs of each child.