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Where Are Your Eyes?

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Where are Your Eyes?

What problem or concern are you facing today? How big is it? How will you solve it? Who will help you solve it? Where are your eyes?
Each day we face issues and concerns that seem difficult. We allow those concerns to weigh us down in ways that are sometimes unproductive and unhealthy. We spend hours working to investigate and solve the problem without the benefit of prayer seeking the right answer from the One who knows all. We look to others to help us solve our problems and to help to make things better, while they have their own concerns. We call friends and family members who help us bemoan the concern and offer limited insight to the problem. But where are your eyes?
The Psalmist David says that he will lift up his eyes unto the hills because that is where his help comes from (Psalm 121). Our help comes from God and God alone. Our eyes should be on the face of God. It is God who has the answers to all of our needs and concerns. His face is the one into which we should look when the cares of this world seem to weigh us down. His heart is the one we should seek to know more intimately as we learn to trust and depend on Him for our needs. And His wisdom is what we should yearn for as we begin to make decisions about what we should do.
Many times, however, we think that our concerns are too big for God to handle. At other times, we think that the problem is so minor that we should not trouble God with it. But whatever the size of the problem, He is waiting for you to invite Him in to become a part of the solution. Whatever matters to us matters to God, no matter what the size of the problem. He yearns to interact and fellowship with us because we were created for His glory.
Like David, we should look to the hills for our help. And when we look to the hills as we seek to know God in a better way, He will meet us there and our eyes will meet. It is through our seeking God that He provides us with the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom that we need to handle any concern. As we look to Him in prayer, He will tell us specifically what we need to do in any circumstance. God alone already has the answer to whatever concern you have today. He’s waiting for you to look to the hills. He’s waiting for you to seek His face. He’s waiting for you to trust Him with the concern. He’s waiting on your eyes to meet His eyes. So, as you struggle with your concern today, where are your eyes? Are they on God or on the problem? Are they on you? Are they on others? Set your eyes on the face of God. It is He who will see you through.


What Mask Are You Still Wearing?

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Many of us recently took part in wearing masks in recognition of Halloween. But at the end of Halloween, did you remove your masks? Not just one mask, but the many masks that we all wear daily. What about those masks? How many masks do you wear?

When I was a child, we called masks “false faces.” They were not who we truly were; they were just a temporary disguise to fool those around us who really knew who we were. The false face was an opportunity for us to hide ourselves from the reality that faced us. While it was fun and brought us treats from our neighbors, it was temporary and held no real value for us. It was fleeting, and on the day after wearing the false face, we were back to our old selves.

As adults, many of us wear various forms of make up to hide what’s really there. Some would say that make up is used to enhance our appearances, but many use make up to hide blemishes and other skin imperfections that society has told us are unattractive to others. We hide behind our make up, often concealing our natural appearances. It is in that hiding place that many of us seek comfort as we keep the secret of who we really are hidden from view.

Then there are those of us who wear masks daily. Our masks are worn to hide and to protect. We want to hide who we really are because on some level we believe that acknowledging who we really are is way too painful for us to handle. So we hide… behind unintended smiles, grimaces, religious statements, styles of clothing, hair color, and meaningless actions that we use to mask who we really are and what we really feel.

Still others of us wear masks to protect ourselves. We think, feel, or believe that there is a need for us to protect ourselves from tremendous hurt and pain that others would inflict on us if we dare to be open and honest about who we truly are. We feel that if we take down our masks just one time, others would see our unmentionable little secrets that they would in turn use to destroy us.

So what mask are you still wearing? It is a mask rooted in fear that others will hurt you should they come to know the real you? It is a mask rooted in dishonesty and deception? Or is it a mask created to protect? Halloween is over, but have you removed your mask? Have you settled up with who you really are? Are you able to face yourself and be who you really are with others? Can you be true to you? To your friends?

Let’s start anew today. Remove one mask at a time. Be true to you.