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The Apple of His Eye

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All of my Christian beliefs have been based on the fact that I am the apple of God’s eye (Deut. 32:10); that because I am His own, I am cherished above others, that I am precious and dear to Him. Because I am His own, I carry with me tremendous power, His power, because He is for me and not against me. God is more than all of the world against me. He alone holds all power on heaven and in earth for all of us.

And so it is with our President. President Obama is also the apple of God’s eye. He also belongs to God and is precious in his sight. He, too, is cherished above others and is dear to God. And he also has direct access to the tremendous power that only comes from God. God is for President Obama just like God is for the rest of us.

Protesters and demonstrators would have us to believe otherwise. Many have attempted to demonize President Obama in ways that are disingenuous, unfair, and full of hatred. He has been depicted in ways that show a lack of acceptance, tolerance, respect, and love by many who claim to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

God’s grace extends to all who call upon His name. President Obama calls upon His name, so he too is a recipient of the wonderful grace and love that comes through having a lasting and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. He is precious in God’s sight.

Those of us who claim Christianity as our faith are called to love and to support President Obama. We are called to pray for our leaders. We are not called to love and pray for them only if we agree with them or like them. That command comes without condition. When we do not offer prayers and love for our leaders, it becomes a sin of omission; that is, we’re not doing what we should do when we know we should do it.

As you offer your prayers to God today, remember that you are the apple of God’s eye. You are precious in His sight. You are cherished above all others. You are His dear little one. And so is President Obama. Let’s keep him lifted and covered in prayer.


Your Silence Gives Consent

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When controversial issues arise, many of us choose the path of least resistance and remain silent. We choose to sit idly by and let others take up the gauntlet and say what we know we should say. We refuse to openly take a stand for what is right. Many of us also refuse to open our minds and look at issues from multiple perspectives, and because we do not open our minds, we remain silent. At other times, we remain silent out of fear of disagreement from others.

Did you know that your silence gives consent? Your silence gives consent for the injustices to continue, and consent for those with loud voices to be heard in ways that do not benefit “the least of these.” Your silence further demonstrates that you do not believe that you have the power to make a difference through your words. Contrary to what others would have us believe, we all have the power to influence and shape the world through the use of our words. Words carry tremendous power and Proverbs tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Voicing what we think, feel, and believe can and will help to shape our world. Every voice needs to be heard, not just those voices that are the loudest and out front. Let your voice be heard from wherever you are and whatever your station in life. You have something to say. Refuse to remain silent. Stop giving your consent to

Common Civility Isn’t So Common Anymore

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve all seen and heard of examples of human behavior in the public eye that demonstrates a lack of civility. Civility is simple courtesy or politeness that many of us are taught during our growth and development as children. We are taught how to play nice and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. We are taught to not be rude or disrespectful to adults, peers, and those in authority over us. And we are taught to think about the consequences of our statements before we speak. The actions of others in recent days have called into question the existence of civility in our society.

Many have taken to the streets in recent days in protest of the actions of President Obama. While everyone in this country has freedom of speech, many of the comments aimed at the President have been rude and disrespectful. They have been unduly harsh and many have often reeked of something other than simply partisan politics. Voices have been heard denouncing the healthcare proposal as a form of socialism, as if we’ve not already embraced forms of socialism. Current examples of government subsidized agencies include our library system, the US mail, fire and police protection, including emergency medical services. Even our children’s school lunches are subsidized by the government. So what’s the big deal about healthcare? We all need it, and unfortunately, many of those who are protesting against it do not have it themselves, know someone who does not have it, or are working on behalf of the insurance companies who don’t want to lose their huge profits. What a shame. They should think before they speak.

There were the parents who did not want their school aged children to listen to a speech by the President of the United States, their President. Since when is that a crime? Since when do we teach our children to show the ultimate in disrespect for our leader? Parents should have read the contents of the speech before jumping to erroneous conclusions about what our President might say to our children. His message was a simple one in which he encouraged them to do their part in getting an education. Is that not good information for school children? Isn’t that what we want them to do? Yet again, the parents’ responses reeked of something other than just disagreement with President Obama’s stances on the issues.

We have also seen another example of a lack of civility in Congress. Senator Joe Wilson of South Carolina showed the ultimate in disrespect for our President when he openly called him a lie. Would Mr. Wilson have done that to any other president? I think not. Would he want someone to do that to him? Probably not. We have all lived through the lies of previous administrations. The lies told about weapons of mass destruction did not prompt him to respond in such a way to then President Bush and he was a member of Congress at that time. Many people have lost their lives because of Mr. Bush’s lies. Are there different standards for different presidents? Or is Mr. Wilson just incensed by President Obama? Either way, a cooler head should have prevailed and Mr. Wilson should have exercised greater self control. What leadership example did he display for our children?

Over the past two days, we’ve also seen a lack of civility in tennis great Serena Williams and in entertainer Kanye West. These are young role models and yes, once again, their actions should have demonstrated civility, politeness, courtesy. When under stress or in situations with which we do not agree, we should all take a minute and remember the laws of sowing and reaping. We should remember that whatever we dish out to others will return to us in a greater measure than that with which we have sown. We should remember that we are all God’s children and that each person, regardless of station in life, deserves our utmost in treating them with dignity and respect.

Unless those of us who know better take up the gauntlet and let our voices be heard in such situations, how will those who commit these acts ever learn better? Their actions have made for interesting headlines that sell newspapers, but are we allowing a lack of civility to become the order of the day? When will it cease? When will common civility become common again? Let’s all pray for a better day.

Read the Speech

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Read the speech. Go ahead and take the challenge and read President Obama’s speech to our school children. I read it and it’s full of encouraging words to our children about accountability, their accountability for their own education. The speech was inspirational. Good job, Mr. President!

For those who did not hear the speech, or read it, it was their loss and their family’s loss. All too often those in opposition to Mr. Obama react before they hear the message. They have made up their minds that whatever he says, they will oppose. What a shame! Many have reacted in opposition to Mr. Obama’s words simply because of who he is and of what they believe he represents. How unfortunate and how uninformed! Those parents and other supposedly self-proclaimed conservatives represent the lack of knowledge and insight that all too often plagues those individuals when it comes to our President. They don’t bother to read the speech. They respond in indignation and out of a lack of knowledge.

Those of us who know better must respond differently. Many of us remain silent and speechless when the uninformed respond inappropriately. When we behave so passively, we endorse their lack of knowledge and thus their attack on our President. We need to read, and then lift our voices in efforts to support the truth and not some adulterated version of it. We need to let our voices be heard, and not just those voices of individuals who seek to cause harm to our President. We need to be just as bold and outspoken about how we feel as supporters of our President. Others need to hear our points of view, and the President needs to know how we feel. Media outlets need to hear our views so that other points of view are shared. When you have an opportunity to speak up for Mr. Obama, seize the moment. Call in or email your points of view. Write letters, blogs, or emails to support him. Participate in polls. Do your part and let your voice be heard. Don’t let the critics destroy him before he is given an opportunity to be successful.

Before you do anything though, read the speech. He’s on to something positive for our children.

Pray for President Obama

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Excuse me, but I’ve been a Christian since I was nine years old, and although I’ve been a member of several different churches in three different states (all southern), I have never heard a pastor of any church display contempt for another person the way the Arizona pastor has displayed his hatred of President Obama. Everything I’ve ever learned about what it means to be a Christian is deeply rooted in love. Beginning with John 3:16, the Bible verse that little children are taught, I have always believed that love was the basis for God sending Jesus to earth to live, suffer, and die on our behalf. Now what? This man is leading a congregation down the path to hell. How does he account for the scripture that tells us we can’t love God whom we have not seen if we hate our brother whom we have seen? And what about the love scripture in I Corinthians 13:4-13? What about the scripture that tells us to pray for our leaders and those in authority over us? What Bible is he reading? Somebody please tell me.

Our President is in grave danger with messages such as these going forth. This pastor is just bold enough to say publicly what so many others think, feel, and believe. Why would anyone believe that it’s okay to hate another human being, especially someone who has done nothing personally to that individual? Why would such a contempt-filled word such as hate be used to describe his feelings toward our leader? This man is struggling with some deeply rooted issues of hatred towards our President. Unfortunately, he is not alone. And instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse him of his unrighteousness, this pastor has chosen to embrace evil and allow corrupt conversation to proceed from his mouth.

Those of us who believe in the power of prayer need to pray daily for the safety and well-being of our President. We need to pray for a divine covering over his life and that of his wife and daughters. We need to ask God to protect him and his family. Take the time to read Psalm 23 and Psalm 91 as a spiritual protection for them. We should also include in our prayer casting down the destructive imaginations of the wicked who would seek to cause him harm and who would attempt to take his life. We need to bind up all thoughts that would come against him and his family. Let’s agree to pray this prayer daily.

Hearers of President Obama’s Speech

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Since when is it in poor judgment for school children to listen to a broadcast of a speech by the President of the US, especially a speech about becoming educated? Have parents and administrators lost their minds? The Leader of the free world wants… an audience with children, and parents and some administrators are questioning that and even suggesting that children not be allowed to listen to him. And for the Christians who may have a problem with President Obama, the Bible tells us that we are supposed to pray for our leaders. Is your behavior toward President Obama in line with the word of God? Check yourself.

We didn’t even get televisions in our schools until I was in the fourth grade, and when we were able to watch television, it had to be an educational program on PBS. Now, school children are exposed to hours of television viewing both at home and at school. Much of that viewing is not good for their growth and development. Children have an opportunity to watch a speech by a man who is a Christian, a good role model, a leader, a husband and father, and the leader of our country, and folk are questioning whether school children should be allowed to watch him at school.

What is really going on? Some reactions reek of something other than simple defiance and continue to let us know that the real battle is not over. Maybe, we have not overcome. It has taken several months for it to surface with regard to the President, but it’s here. I can only hope that those who are against school children listening to President Obama will stop long enough to think about what they are really doing, and understand that the real losers in all of this will be the school children. President Obama has achieved the highest position available in this country. He has two academic degrees. School children have yet to make those achievements. They should be so fortunate as to achieve what President Obama has achieved.

As for my son, I want him to see President Obama.