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Abandoning All

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When Jesus called the disciples, He asked them to leave their day jobs and create a life with Him.  They abandoned all.  They left their jobs as fishermen, tax collectors, carpenters, etc. to take a journey with Him.  They did not just tack on the ministry to their day jobs as an appendage.  They became fully committed to the cause of Jesus.  In order to follow Him, they had to have courage and faith that He was indeed who He said He was and that He had the ability to transform their lives.

Abandoning all takes tremendous courage and is a major risk for believers.  It means letting go of the familiar and comfortable, and following in faith.  Following Jesus is easy when we can see what’s ahead; but what about when we can’t see what’s ahead?  Can we abandon all at times like that?  That’s not so easy.

Sometimes, however, God interrupts our lives in ways that chatter all that we’ve attempted to hold onto.  Sometimes what we’re holding onto is an idol in the sense that holding onto it is more important to us that becoming involved in the things of God.  At that point, we have to choose to continue to strive to hold onto  our idol or to abandon all for the kingdom of God.  There’s only one right answer.  Which one will you choose?  Can you abandon all today for the kingdom?


Say Yes Today

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Learning to say “yes” to God is not always easy.  It’s easy when we can see what’s going to happen on tomorrow.  It’s easy when things are going well.  It’s easy when we feel good and can see the good in a situation for us.  It’s easy when we know how our bills will be paid.  And yes, saying “yes” to God is easy when we are allowed to remain in our comfort zones.

But what about those times when we are asked to say yes when we are unsure of our next move?  Do we say yes when the future is uncertain?  How willing are we to say yes when we cannot see the good in it for ourselves?  Can we say yes when we don’t know how our financial needs will be met? And how often do we say yes when we are asked to abandon our comfort zones, whatever they may be, and take on new and different ventures that will have a more lasting benefit for the kingdom of God?

Saying “yes” to God is not always easy and usually comes with a denial of self and a personal sacrifice.  Saying “yes” to God means that the needs of the kingdom are placed before your personal needs and desires.  It is bearing your cross as we surrender our all to God.  It is handing to Him the keys to our lives and allowing Him to use us in any way that He sees fit.

Saying “yes” involves total surrender.  It’s allowing God’s will to penetrate every area of our lives as we deny self and live for Him.

Are you willing to say “yes” today?  Think before you speak, but know that with your surrender, He has you engraved on the palms of His hands.  “Your walls are ever before Him.” Isaiah 49:16