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What’s Your Purpose?

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Purpose gives each of us a reason for being.  Through understanding our purpose, we work toward a goal that helps us know and understand why we are here.  When we have a purpose, we want to do our best and we focus all of our energies on being the best that we can be.  Understanding our purpose also helps us meet a need in the world, a need that only we can fill.

What’s your purpose?  Why are you here? How do you know? What need in the world are you going to fulfill?  What would the world miss if you did not fulfill your purpose?  Think about all of the natural gifts and talents that you possess.  How will those gifts and talents support you in fulfilling your purpose?

Let me know your thoughts!


10 Things I like about Michael Jackson

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2009 at 11:49 pm

1) Got to Be There

2) The Love You Save

3) Man in the Mirror

4) Thriller

5) Rock with You

6) I’ll be there.

7) He walked backwards before anyone else (moon walk).

8) He was a music genious.

9) He dared to be himself.

10) He defied the odds.

The King of Pop

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Can you believe Michael Jackson has died?  I grew up on “The Love You Save” and “Got to Be There.”  His music was clean and gentle and many times in the latter years was music that really made you stop and think deeply.  He was a music genious and one that the world will miss.  His music was infectious and people all over the world adored the old as well as the new Michael and his music.  Whenever I’ve been blessed to travel abroad, I’ve found music stores that sold his music as if it were just released.

Michael was truly blessed with multiple gifts that he was able to use to entertain the world.  His parents recognized his gifts and pushed towards his natural bent.  As parents and caregivers,we should be so fortunate as to so guide our children.

May he rest in peace.  Our prayers are with his family.